Retro Review: ‘Aladdin’ (1992)

Pretty safe review.

Release Date: November 25, 1992

Where was I: In 5th grade, I remember seeing this movie in the theater and loving it. But I don’t have a specific story to share about that experience. There is however a tidbit a little below on when ‘Aladdin’ was released on VHS 

Does it still hold up: Mostly, yes. I’d say about 90% of this movie still holds up.

While there are some elements in this film that wouldn’t fly today, for the most part, this is a pretty fun film. While I know this will sound funny based on the magical and fantastical nature of this movie, but I think the ending to this movie holds up more and is more “believable” ish with how Aladdin tricks Jafar than ‘Beauty and the Beast’. I’m not saying ‘Aladdin’, as a movie, is believable, ha! But, in comparison to the cartoonish battle at the end of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ this is so much better.

I can watch ‘Aladdin’ over and over again without complaining.

Off the top of my head:

  • Robin Williams is still a great genie
  • I love stories where a nobody becomes somebody
    • Is this the Disney version of a hero’s journey?
  • Has so many iconic songs and I’m pretty sure I can sing them all
  • The last Disney animated movie I got on VHS in the classic 90’s clamshell 
    • Released on VHS on October 1, 1993 (I had to look that up by the way). This was in the era where movies could take up to a year (more or less) to come out on VHS
    • When this movie came out on VHS I remember going to a local supermarket with my parents and begging them to buy it for me. Bringing it home and putting it in the VCR and for some reason it wasn’t working. I was devastated while eating dinner that night, begging my parents to take me back. Got to the supermarket (which at the time had video sections) and pleaded my case to the store clerk. They put the video in their VCR and it played just fine. I sheepishly went back home and watched the movie. By the way, I’m pretty sure it was a Sunday night and my parents were not happy with me for making such a big deal.
  • I saw parts of Return of Jafar and King of Thieves, the two direct to home video sequels along with the Aladdin series and neither of them hold up to this movie
    • In fact, I now don’t even consider them a true continuation of this movie
  • Watching this movie now with Miles and Aubrey, both of which are glued to the tv when it is playing brings me back to a time when I was smaller
    • And I love that
  • An overall perfect animated movie, great characters, story, songs
  • Can’t get any better…until 1994…

3.75 out of 4

I am so tempted to give this movie 4 stars. But I’ll wait!

Strangely, looking back at ‘The Incredibles’ and I have that movie a 3.5 out of 4. But I think this movie is better. But each movie is reviewed and started individually. I can’t compare these two movies.

Have you seen it? What did you think?

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