Retro Review: Homeward Bound: The Incredible Story

Released: February 3, 1993

What platform can you currently watch: HBO, HBO Go

Where was I when I saw it: I remember seeing this movie in the theater and loving it back then. I was eleven when this movie came out. Saw this in a small theater. At the end of the movie the entire theater was in tears (including my Mom). Won’t spoil why.

A few years ago I showed this movie to Miles and he loved it. He obviously doesn’t remember it since I showed it to him the other day and he loved it again; it was essentially a brand new movie for him

Does it still hold up: in my opinion, yes! Aside from some outdated references and the lack of any current technology I think this is quite timeless. It’s really 90 kids movie goofy towards the end with a scene, but, that doesn’t hurt the movie that much.

Off the top of my head:

  • Still love this movie
  • Shadow, Chance and Sassy are our great, fun hero’s of this movie. Portrayed by real animals.
  • Real animals in a movie, what a novel concept this day and age
  • It was between this movie and ‘Full House’ that we’re my first experiences seeing a Golden Retriever
    • And now I have two!
    • Both about Shadow’s age in the movie
  • This is exactly how animals should be portrayed in movies! 
    • I hate animal movies where they physically talk. 
    • I blame ‘Babe’
  • Based on a movie. How many of you knew that then?
  • Also there was a sequel, I never saw it 
  • The adventure these three go on is amazing, great and realistic looking because it is practically done and not completely out of the realm of possibility like it would be done today
  • If anyone wants to remake this movie today I would challenge them to do it the same way as it was done in the early 90’s and not rely on CGI. If you can’t do it don’t fake it.
  • I haven’t seen a movie make Miles laugh, squeal and ask such great questions as this movie has. Great job for an almost 30 year old movie
  • Ending still gets me

3.75 out of 4 Stars

Because it was awesome then and it is awesome now.

Have you seen it? What did you think?

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