“Black Rage” by Beavin Lawrence from AJ Epyx Productions

Andre’ Joseph, a good friend of mine and to Cos’ Blog (Mother Brain) edited the below video.

I wanted to showcase it on the blog. Watch it and share it out!

The following is written by Andre’ on his Facebook page:

Last year, Beavin Lawrence, the star of our award-winning short film Andre Joseph’s The Saxophonist, and I had started planning a video montage of the joy and pain of African-Americans to the tune of his track “Black Rage”. It was originally planned for screening at his live shows. However, we believe that in light of what’s happening on the streets and around the world, there was no better time to release it than now. Some of these images will be difficult to digest. But we hope you can see why black lives matter.

Black Rage 
Written & Performed by Beavin Lawrence 
Produced by Beavin Lawrence & Carl Wiltshire 
From the album “Infinite Possibilities” now available at CDBaby.com.

Video edited by Andre Joseph
AJ Epyx Productions, LLC

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