HBO Max wants Afleck/Leto for Batman movie

Source: The Cultured Nerd

Let’s get one thing out at the very beginning of this post; I loved ‘Man of Steel’. I hated ‘Batman v Superman’ when I first saw it, but, ended up just “not liking it” when compared to ‘Justice League’.

I don’t even want to bring up ‘Suicide Squad’.

But I always felt that Ben Affleck did a great job as Batman/Bruce Wayne. While there was all this hate for ‘Batman v Superman’ and ‘Justice League’ my thought was not to be reactive and completely change all the hard work already put into the DCEU (DC Expanded Universe) but to right the ship mid-course.

Meaning, keep the actors already hired and known for these characters and starting correcting past mistakes.

When I saw this post this morning (this report came out yesterday, but, I live under a rock most days and don’t see things until much later) I got excited.

Give them a small budget (compared to most Batman movies). Make this a dark movie set in this DC movie universe.

I’d probably be willing to shell out cash for HBO Max if they had good quality new DC content on it.

Please let this be a true rumor!

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