It’s been a while

To quote Aaron Lewis, lead singer of Staind, “It’s been awhile”. 

It has been a long long time.

In fact, I started writing this on September 27. Want to know how much I wrote? See the above title and two sentences.

The last post I made was on April 3, 2021. Over a year ago.

Thank you to Mother Brain (André Joseph) for posting sporadically on here over the last year plus. I am humble by you, good friend, for writing for the blog when you have great exposure for writing for Huge thank you.

For a few weeks over the summer I contemplated closing down the blog. Who even still comes here really? Who ever did?

Maybe a few friends, my father, (I still get over a hundred hits a month, which I know is NOTHING – probably all accidental Google searches. Regardless, thank you for stopping by.

I thought it was time to close up shop. Honestly, I myself don’t have the luxury of time to post ANYTHING on here. Cos’ Blog isn’t an after thought, it is the lack of thought, no thought, just something I keep going out of habit. This “Blog”, if you can even call it that anymore, was started in 2005 while I was getting my Masters in teaching (and no I don’t teach anymore, and haven’t for 12 years. holy crap, 12 years).

Melissa and I were still living in the Dorms at school.

Now we have two kids, have two dogs (both are ancient now), live in our second house.

This Blog, this site, has been with me for for 17 years. Damn thing is almost an adult. Cos’ Blog has really been a website where friends of mine could post WHATEVER they wanted for longer then it ever was a real Blog. This was and IS a place for anyone that wants a platform to speak about anything on their mind (well within reason, let’s just say – keep politics and religion out of the mix please).

And let’s be honest, I never treated it as a real blog. I posted about movies and wrestling and television shows. I did post about pets, kids, Melissa and ANYTHING really that came to mind.

After a quick chat with André a few weeks ago he said he wanted to post something on the Blog. I was honored and started thinking that maybe there was still a place for the Blog.

While it is a pricey endeavor (once a year) to keep the Blog’s lights on (for those who can’t read between the lines, that mean pay for the hosting package) I find that I just can’t get rid of 17 years worth of memories with this site.

So, I am going to give this thing a shot. I’m not going to say I’m going to write more because between work and life I just don’t have time to write anything anymore. If I write, I will write (I have ideas for a few (editorial type) posts. But we shall see.

Let’s connect in a year and see how I feel.

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