From Greg Bell

Here’s another comic from Greg, this one about the FDU showers at school:

26 thoughts on “From Greg Bell

  1. This must have been before they redid the bathrooms…man, those first few weeks (before the drunks came through and broke the electronic lock on the door) were pretty sweet.

  2. I was never told about the grasshopper while there, but he told it to me a little bit afterward. You guys were the first people to enjoy the redone bathrooms…they however did not redo the showers, they didn’t even really touch them..they changed everything else however…

  3. Eew, they didn’t redo the showers?!

    I was under the impression that the destroyed all of what was the old bathrooms and built something completely new…gah.

  4. no, the showers were pretty much the same, the tile was new on the walls, but the plastic dividers and seats were new…but its the plastic walls that always bothered me…

  5. Yeah, the bathrooms got pretty gross sometimes…once, I watched the cleaning people clean the bathroom (just cause I happened to be in there), and they just splashed water in the showers and stuff…yuck.

  6. I know! I didnt’ understand that! And one day I saw her mop the wall too! I didn’t question it, at least they cleaned the toilets

  7. Hahahahaha

    That’s so true, I think we only valued their toilet cleaning (those got the dirtiest, especially on Tuesday nights).

  8. do you know who was breaking the bathroom door? that kid adam that lived next door to me. the one who was rooming with Ray. He was the reason why that was happening.

  9. Dude, seriously?

    And here I thought it was that whiny one that always got into arguments with you…the one who you caught carrying a beer in the hallway that freakin’ Julie Mazur lived in with us. If that’s not a one way ticket out of the residence halls, I don’t know what is.

    Anyhow, Adam seemed okay, quiet but didn’t seem to like me for some reason.

  10. Which whiney one with the beer? The guy that lived across the hall from you…why don’t I rememember this….

  11. Yeah, that’s the one. He lived in the hallway directly across from me.

    Join Facebook sometime, it’d be easier if I could link you to people. 😀

  12. nah, I don’t need face book. I’ve got myspace, I don’t need any more people knowing my business.

  13. But Facebook is made up of people solely from the school…ahh, alright. Sorry, I guess I’m a social networking junkie.

  14. yeah, but most of the people I found on myspace I’d probably talk to anyway…the whiney little beer bitch across the hall from you wouldn’t be one of those people.

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