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Here is an ad for FireFox, just like internet explorer and all of those programs that allow you to get on, this is just another one of them and its as far as I’ve heard the best of the bunch. In fact, I’ve been using FireFox for about a year or so (thanks to The Vault Keeper).

Here is the ad:


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  1. My god, that kicks so much ass…awesome.

    Glad ya like Firefox, it rocks a lot. 😀

    BTW…just checking, did we update you to 1.5 yet? In Firefox, go to the Help menu, then click About Firefox…what’s the version number listed? Hopefully it should be

    If not, then just go to and download the installer, then run that. The newest Firefox has some pretty cool stuff, like auto-update.

  2. Oh yeah, remember how my parents bought me that game The Movies for Christmas? and how I couldn’t play it on my computer…well, its now on there computer…and its awesome. I just can’t play it all the time…which I guess its a good thing.

  3. Hey, you know that might actually get your creativity going…I met someone at FDU who bought that game (yes, a film major) and he tended to play that all day.

  4. really? its cool as hell. I just haven’t played it since that first day, I think I might play it tomorrow…I work at 4:30 so I might just go home and relax in between subbing and working at night.

  5. Haha!

    I told my mom how you go home to play video games (because, of course, I want to be able to do the same) and she told me that your parents must be crazy.

    I hope mine don’t change the locks when I leave.

  6. nah, usually I think I’m gone before they come in…my cat probably is the one that gives it away, he tells on me.

  7. Dammit! You made me look back. I had no idea what you meant. 🙂

    I didn’t look back far enough, but I did see that we were talking about not looking back…LOL

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