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  1. hahah. i guess my fingerprint identifying keyboard didn’t tell you who i was. Well, hope my retardedness gave you a smile.

  2. Oh, man. I fell behind in the blog again…was reading a newer post and got pretty shocked when I saw you mention Mathew’s passing.

    If there’s anything I can do…don’t hesitate to get in contact (online or even give me a call).

  3. I really appreciate all of that. I’m still upset about his passing but I’m getting through it. When I first started posting pictures it was ok. But now that its really starting to settle in that there won’t be anymore new pics of Mathew, I’m really feeling upset. But I have to do it. Its something that means a lot to me.

    Thank you for everything Mike. You’re a great friend.


  4. Hey, you know, it’s what friends are for. Thanks for being my friend, too.

    Mathew’s passing will take some time to heal…I’m glad you’re remembering him as the buddy he always was.

  5. just as things get easier they get harder. I don’t know why. I miss him greatly. But as an honor to his memory I’m going to continue to post pictures of him, if for anyone else but me as a way to show how much I loved him (and still do).

    Thank you again for everything.

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