10 thoughts on “No House tonight…

  1. Aww, I liked it. Yes, I FINALLY saw all three. X2 was the best, or maybe I have a thing for the second movie in a trilogy. Kinda like an Oreo, there’s no boring part in the middle.

  2. what did you like about X3? they killed everyone…I did however find out that if you wait through the credits you’ll find out that Professor X is still alive!

  3. Well, they just killed of Scott, and I didn’t like him, anyway. Did they kill off anyone else? I can’t remember.

    Yeah!! Remember when the Professor was talking to his class earlier in the movie, about the morality of taking over a comatose person’s body? And they showed a hospital bed and a nurse?

    At the end of the movie, they show the nurse, and you hear Professor X’s voice, and the nurse says, “Professor”? And that’s the end. I guess a sequel wouldn’t work, since the comatose guy doesn’t look like Patrick Stewart.

    I liked X3 because….uhhhh…..more Wolverine? Wolverine kicks ass! 🙂

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