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Words Women Use

April 24, 2007 Cos 5

Melissa sent me this in an e-mail…MAN! It was like someone was listening to us! Come on guys, tell me if you agree! Words Women […]

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NASA pic of the Day

April 24, 2007 Cos 0

from This Dec.1965 photo released by NASA shows waves of clouds along the east flanks of the Andes Mountains casting off an orange glow […]

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Rachel Weisz out of Mummy 3

April 18, 2007 Cos 5

Ohh man this sucks! First of all you can’t have a Mummy movie without the involvement of writer/director Stephen Sommers, second, you can’t have a […]

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Six Years :O

April 17, 2007 Cos 4

Today, Melissa and I celebrate our six year anniversary. Six amazing years together. People have come and gone and we are still together and strong. […]