The 3D Wars Begin!

Memorial Day 2009 baby! Whoo!


The 3D Wars On May 2009
By Garth FranklinSunday April 22nd 2007 4:50am
image This year it’s Pirates, next year it’s Indiana Jones, but the Memorial Day 2009 weekend is shaping up to be a battle royale between two major films helping to redefine cinema.

James Cameron’s sci-fi epic “Avatar” and Dreamworks CG animated tale “Monsters vs. Aliens”, both features being released exclusively in 3D, are going head-to-head.

What makes the fight interesting is that there simply won’t be enough screens to accomodate one, let alone both. At present there are only 700 screens capable of handling 3D projection.

By May 2009 that figure is expected to rise to 5,000. However Katzenberg claims he needs 6,000 screens for ‘Monsters’.

Cameron’s “Avatar” is by far the more anticipated of the two and set its date first, thus don’t be surprised if ‘Monsters’ gets delayed.

I’ll probably end up picking James Cameron’s Avatar, I was a huge a Cameron fan before Titanic and I didn’t even know it! But I’m happy he’s coming back and I’m sure this will deliver!


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