Fence This!

By: Melissa

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So I decided to finally write this for Cos ’ Blog…. I’ll probably be ranting most of the time because that’s what I do, but sometimes it’s funny or thought provoking….

Some of you may have heard that Cos and I applied to adopt a dog from the Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue a couple months ago. I knew it would be a lengthy process because they have to schedule a home visit- get vet references-credit check (not really) to make sure we were qualified to adopt a type of dog we already have. Seriously, I think it might be easier to adopt a human child than the hoops this place made us jump through. Our vet reference had to be FAXED from the vet’s number or they wouldn’t accept it- that’s how nuts they are.

Going into it we knew that they had a fence requirement- we are only partially fenced in but we manage with the dog we have…. BUT they had a fence exemption for the right situations.

Filled out the application –paid the application fee of $25- and waited to be contacted for the home visit- they also politely ask you not to contact them because they don’t want to be annoyed- they will get to you when they can. Two weeks later the home visit volunteer who (now I can say) wasted an hour and a half of our time asking the same questions we already answered on the online application. Well, that was about a month ago….

I finally got an email Tuesday from the “adoption coordinator” that A. Lost the Home Visit Report that’s why it took so long and B. We were denied because we ”couldn’t not provide a safe and secure environment for a golden retriever”…….. EXCUSE ME?!?!?!?!

My response – While I understand you have a fencing requirement- we seem to be managing well with the GOLDEN RETRIEVER we currently have. Although from what you are indicating maybe I should surrender her to your organization so she is safe and secured.  Please use my “application fee” to buy a warm comfy bed, like I could have provided, for one of your HOMELESS dogs….. Love Melissa

OK maybe I’m bitter because I feel like they called me a bad parent, but, I tend to live by the philosophy “If it’s meant to be, it will be” so whatever………. THEIR LOSS!!!!

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  1. Man, that sucks! None of these dogs have homes, yeah, so you’d think they would be more lenient with people who want to take care of one.

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