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Saved or Dropped shows

April 13, 2005 Cos 0

You may have noticed I missed yesterday…yeah, I know, I’ve been extremely busy, I’ve even taken off of work and I still am not done. […]

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Napoleon Dynamite site

April 11, 2005 Cos 0

I’m a huge fan of Napoleon Dynamite. I was very against seeing it over the summer, ignoring the cries from Melissa who was dying to […]

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Melissa’s Rant

April 10, 2005 Cos 0

Melissa has had some crazy shit happen to her this year, and some crazy people in her life. I made her do a rant so […]

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Remote Controlled Flies?

April 10, 2005 Cos 4

Maybe you’ve noticed that I try and put things on here that are just weird that I find on other websites. The following from […]

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A Dachshund in Africa

April 9, 2005 Cos 2

Melissa read me this story, someone sent it to her e-mail and I thought it was funny, silly but funny, check it out:

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Safe Tips for Blogging

April 8, 2005 Cos 2

For those out there who don’t know what a BLOG is (even though you are clearly looking at this) here is an article from […]

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flammable’s Vault #4

April 8, 2005 Cos 0

Now this is one of the more disturbing things that I was sent from flammable, but I couldn’t help but putting it on here, its […]