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Final Destination 3

April 21, 2005 Cos 0

Ok, so I should be working, and know I just posted, but I found this from and I am a big fan of the […]

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Pray for me

April 20, 2005 Cos 2

Seriously. I need God on my side. I am probably the worst essay/thesis/paper writer that has graduated college and went on to grad school. I […]

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flammable’s Vault #5

April 20, 2005 Cos 3

I’ve been meaning to steal something from flammable’s vault, but I’ve been so busy. The following is something I looked for in his vault. He […]

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Crazy Mathew

April 20, 2005 Cos 0

I couldn’t go a day without talking about The Blog’s mascot: Mathew. Here is a picture of him that I found to be rather scary. […]