Box office talley for the weekend of June 3rd–5th

I won’t bore you with the article from, but I’ll give you the breakdown.

Episode III finally dropped to 3rd but is projected to end around the 400 million mark close to Episode I and about 500 million elsewhere in the world bringing its talley a little under a billion.

Madagascar topped this weekend and is doing pretty well for itself as well as The Longest Yard.

Here is the rest of the breakdown.

1. “Madagascar,” $28.7 million
2. “The Longest Yard,” $26.1 million
3. “Star Wars,” $26.0 million
4. “Cinderella Man,” $18.6 million
5. “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants,” $10.3 million
6. “Lords of Dogtown,” $ 5.7 million
7. “Monster-in-Law,” $ 5.3 million
8. “Crash,” $ 3.3 million
9. “Kicking & Screaming,” $ 2.1 million
10. “Unleashed,” $ 890,000

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