Stunt people will not get oscar nomination

Stunt people help to complete the story that we see up on the screen and only at the Mtv Movie awards does it seem that they get looked at and even have a category all to themselves.

Here is an blurb from Internet Movie Database about the campaign from stunt men (and women) who are trying to get a category for themselves in the Oscar line-up.

Stunt People Take a Tumble
Despite recent demonstrations by Hollywood’s stunt people, the board of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences on Wednesday turned aside a proposal for an Oscar award for stunt coordinator. “At a time when the Academy is trying to find ways to reduce the numbers of statuettes given out and looks at categories with an eye more focused on reduction than addition, the board is simply not prepared to institute any new annual awards categories,” Academy President Frank Pierson said. Stunt coordinator Jack Gill, who has been leading the fight for a stunt category, expressed disappointment and said that he would attempt to appeal the academy board’s decision.

It is very disappointing to me that the academy of motion picture arts and sciences could not give those people who put their bodies and their lives on the line for the sake of a movie. I think if the stunt people help to make the story and the film better then they should be given something for doing a great job.

Let’s hope that in the future they are actually given the recognition that they deserve.


2 thoughts on “Stunt people will not get oscar nomination

  1. flammable says:

    Agreed…these people risk a lot to bring a director’s vision to life. They should really get some sort of recognition for that.

  2. socramforever says:

    I’m actually baffled that they haven’t tried getting some recognition for it before. Its kind of sad that the MTV movie awards has been doing it for a couple of years now, but I don’t even think they ever actually have the stunt people there to accept the awards (Someone told me–but this past movie awards they Quinten Taratino brought the two females from Kill Bill 2 who were the stunt people and thank them. One of them even broke her back during the filming of the movie (and the scene that they were awarded for) and didn’t even find out till about a year later–no one would have known that if it wasn’t said at an awards show!) I mean, I’m not a stunt person, but I respect the fact that they put their life on the line for our enjoynment and many of them have died to try and complete a film.

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