Talking on Cell Phones Biggest Peeve of Moviegoers

Here is another blurb from

A survey conducted for Cingular Wireless indicates that talking on a cell phone in movie theaters is the number-one peeve of moviegoers. An overwhelming 73 percent of those polled called the behavior the most annoying, with chatting with a seatmate and hearing a cell phone ring during a movie ranking well behind with 10 percent each. Nearly one third of the respondents admitted that they had been embarrassed when their own cell phones went off during a movie and 93 percent urged theater owners to post an on-screen message reminding people to turn off their cell phones off before the movie begins.

Sadly, even if I leave my cell phone on, I never get any phone calls while watching a movie in the theater. Maybe its because usually the people that would call me are sitting right next to me. Or maybe I’m just trying to make myself feel better.

Oh well.


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