Clerks 2 teaser trailer

I’m not as big of a fan of Clerks as everyone else seems to be, its now become too mainstream to enjoy, but I did enjoy Dogma and Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back (and deep down inside I also liked Jersey Girl and Chasing Amy) so to those all who care here is the teaser trailer for Clerks 2:


16 thoughts on “Clerks 2 teaser trailer

  1. flammable says:

    Yeah, I dunno…saw Clerks and just didn’t get it. One of the few movies I found to be unfunny, but maybe it was because of the build up…all of the hype of how hilarious it is.

    Plus, it was a few years ago, so maybe things would make more sense now.

    People keep saying to see Dogma, it’s really that good?

  2. socramforever says:

    I saw clerks right around the time that Mallrats had come out on vhs, and I saw Mallrats first, hated it, it was a stupid movie, and then I saw Clerks and just didn’t understand what he was trying to prove. Granted that was like twenth years ago and possibly some of the jokes I would understand more now than before. But it didn’t strike me as an amazing movie and I think people just like it so that they don’t feel stupid. I on the other hand prefer Kevin Smith later films, like Chasing Amy, Dogma (and yes I recommend it highly) and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (I would even recommend Jersey Girl, I thought it was cute)But Kevin Smith’s movies always end with a funny type of ending, with slightly goofy things. Is he a good director and writer? Yes, but I think he needs to try directing someone else writing and see how it comes out.

  3. flammable says:

    Yeah, see…almost all of the people who have “highly recommended” Clerks as the best movie ever created are dumbasses anyway. Like, it’s that guy at work who’s just such an asshole, and watching nothing but Kevin Smith and bad kung fu movies (the Hollywood kind).

    Will give those a shot, though…uh, eventually. Thanks. 😀

  4. socramforever says:

    yeah, watch what you have first, its no wonder you don’t have any time for reading…what do you do? Aside from working at Target now?

    Have you been keeping to your not looking at websites as much anymore thing?

  5. socramforever says:

    haha! Its cool. I should be doing other things, but I stay on here because its so easy to be distracted and conected to so many people at the same time…

  6. flammable says:

    Hey well…I’ve got another 2 weeks before I start work (went in last night and they sent me home). They’re still waiting on some paperwork, for a background check or something.

    Haha, gives me more time to do this kinda stuff…so that’s cool.

  7. socramforever says:

    I’m happy that I get some response to my blog, I did hear recently that a lot more people have been looking at my blog, and that makes me happy…

  8. flammable says:

    Awesome!! You should put one of those tracking things on your blog, so you can tell how many people are actually visiting.

  9. flammable says:

    Oh yeah…I used StatCounter, they provide a lot of great stuff for free:

    Just sign up, get the code, and insert it into your blog…I guess on the main page. Not totally sure how to do it on LiveJournal, but I know someone who did do it, so I know it’s possible. If I putz around with it long enough, I think I can figure it out…

  10. socramforever says:

    cool, please do tell me how to do it, I’d love to see how many people get on this thing.

    also, would you know of any password or code that I can give Melissa’s sister for her trial Microsoft Office thing that she has to make it permanent?

  11. flammable says:

    The Microsoft Office thing is tricky…tried to get that to work a long time ago, and just couldn’t.

    Have her try the software at since it’s free, and might do just what she needs.

    I’ll try to modify my LiveJournal tonight and see how to add the StatCounter…that way, I can walk you through doing it.

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