Pirates 4?

Well, first I’d like to see the second one before they tell me that they are making a forth movie…but Darkhorizons.com has the scoop:

Pirates of the Caribbean 4
At a recent junket for his upcoming release Glory Road, Jerry Bruckheimer expressed his interest in continuing the Pirates franchise. If it were up to him he would continue doing more. As for the third film being titled “Unchartered Waters”, its pure rumour for now.

Good stuff, just make sure the second and third one are as good as the first one and then go make the forth…ok?


4 thoughts on “Pirates 4?

  1. socramforever says:

    As far as I’m concerned they can start planning for Pirates 8000, but the one I’m concerned with is the one that’s coming out this summer. Make sure that one is good.

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