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I’ve been a fan of Final Destination since the first movie, I was very disappointed when the second one came out and stunk it up at the theater knowning how great the first one was. Now, the original creators are behind this one writing and directing it and it seems like it should be goodThe following is from

FINAL DESTINATION 3 has the distinction of being the first Hollywood studio feature to have its score recorded in 2006, according to an article posted by Dan Goldwasser at Composer Shirley Walker, who had previously scored the first two FINAL DESTINATION films, is back for this third installment, which also brings back director James Wong and writer Glen Morgan, from the first film in the series. The film focuses on a group of teens who narrowly avoided death on a defective rollercoaster – however, as with the previous films, death will find a way to get them. The result is a film filled with setups and scenarios that would make even Rube Goldberg envious.

Walker revisited her themes from the first two films, but there’s even more bombast, tension and energy this time around, which was evident as she conducted a 93-piece orchestra at the Newman Scoring Stage at Twentieth Century Fox Studios. The deaths are so messy and inventive, that score mixer Bobby Fernandez created a “Gore-O-Meter”, indicating the type of death, and how violent and gross it was. The film will be released on February 10th.

Sounds good…I’m hoping its good, but the teaser looked a little cheesy, tell me what you think:


PS I’m just going crazy with Trailers today!!!

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