“Thank you for being the mother of my rabbit.”

That’s what I said to Melissa today, I thought it was funny…I took some more pics of our furry new son today. We tried putting him in a little harnest we bought at the pet shop, but he really didn’t take to it too much so we took him out of it and moved him to a closed area (our little mini hallway between the bathroom and our room) so that he could hope around freely without anything in his way like in the living room.

Here are some pics:

strapped into a harnest, peanut’s little adventure in the living room is short lived.

known for their curiousity, peanut the dwarf rabbit, tries to go farther than his harnest will let him and flips out a little.

after closing the doors and blocking the way to the rest of the apartment peanut hops around in the hallway.

hopping around

sniffing the chew toy


Posing for the camera, the rabbit loves to pose…I swear he isn’t a playboy bunny!

the picture that is now on my desk top

cleaning his face


Hello there…

Hi, hi, hi!

I’m just very happy that we got Peanut Chew. I feel like a proud parent showing off his pics…


PS But, as you can see Mathew is still the man, the myth the legend and the mascot of the blog. He’s still my little boy, my bro, and the uncle of my rabbit…

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