Bruckheimer talks about “Pirates” and “Treasure” has the following article on more movies from Jerry Bruckheimer:

Bruckheimer On More “Pirates” & “Treasure”
Posted: Thursday January 12th, 2006 11:14pm
Source: Coming Soon
Author: Garth Franklin

Out doing promotions for “Glory Road”, famed producer Jerry Bruckheimer spoke with Coming Soon about how two big sequels of his are progressing.

In regards to the next two “Pirates of the Caribbean” films – “We started filming [again] yesterday in the Carribean, we’re in the Bahamas. We’re finishing 2 and then doing 3. I think we have about five or six more days left on ‘Pirates 2,’ and then we’re done with it. We’ll break in March and edit 2, and then go back at the end of the summer and finish 3”.

As for another “National Treasure” – “For ‘National Treasure,’ we came up with a wonderful idea, a true incident in American history that’s a wonderful jumping off point for ‘National Treasure 2,’ and Nick [Cage] is excited about doing the movie. He likes the idea of what we’re pursuing, so hopefully, we’ll get that done towards the end of the year”

Bruckheimer next few projects include the Denzel Washington thriller “Deja Vu” to be shot in New Orleans, a film adaptation of the video game ‘Prince of Persia,’ and another project called ‘Unnatural History’. Whilst he doesn’t have a deal with Sony, he is keen to do another “Bad Boys”.

It would be beautiful to not only have an amazing sequel to Pirates but to also have an amazing sequel to National Treasure…two of my favorite movies of all time…I’m putting my trust in Jerry Bruckheimer, he’s done well with his stuff so far…


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