Soderbergh talks “Ocean’s 13” was off yesterday, nothing new was posted, but today they are storming in with a whole bunch of interesting things, this one has director Steven Soderbergh talking about Ocean’s 13…

Soderbergh Talks “Ocean’s 13”
Posted: Thursday January 12th, 2006 11:21pm
Source: Coming Soon
Author: Garth Franklin

Out doing promotions for “Bubble”, Director Steven Soderbergh spoke with Coming Soon about two projects in his future – the third “Ocean’s Eleven” flick

in regards to why are they doing another ‘Ocean’? “Both the second one and this one were generated by me saying that I want to do another one. Certainly, nobody’s asking for this one. I just had another idea and went to everybody, and everybody said ‘Fine’. I checked with them before we even got started, just to make sure. I said that I had an idea and I want to go back, but I’m not doing it unless everybody is on board”

Still haven’t seen the second one, but if there is a third one coming out then I’ll definately watch it…


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