Butterfly Effect 2?

Now this is shocking that they would do a film like this with none of the original cast…I mean it makes sense not to, but they’ll only fuck it up because that’s what Hollywood does right, mess up good potential film franchises…darkhorizons.com again with the information on this one:

“New Line has cast Erica Durance (“Smallville”) and Eric Lively (“The L Word”) in its sequel “The Butterfly Effect 2.” FilmEngine and Benderspink are producing on “Butterfly Effect 2,” which begins production today. Pic, which isn’t bringing back characters from the original, also stars Dustin Milligan (“In the Land of Women”). Story will follow a time-traveling character who discovers that changes to past events carry unforeseen consequences in the present. John Leonetti is directing a script by Michael Weiss…”

Interesting, same story as the first one, the first one was an amazing movie, I didn’t care quite as much for the extended edition with alternate ending, I prefered the one that they had in the theatrical version, but who am I right?

Erica Durance, I looked her up, is from Smallville, and she plays Lois Lane. I find her to be a very pretty actress and she plays Lois Lane very well, I didn’t realize that there was a certain way to play Lois Lane, but if you look at Erica Durance, Teri Hacter and Margot Kidder (I think that her) they all play it the very same way…good going…

Here is a pic of Erica Durance:


2 thoughts on “Butterfly Effect 2?

  1. socramforever says:

    they can, and nine times out of ten, they do…name any movie that seemed like a sure hit and when it came out wasn’t…Star Wars Episode I, Matrix: Reloaded, Matrix: Revolution, um…I’m sure I could find some more…and I’m not talking about money makers I’m talking about plot and story and all out execution of the film

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