Scott Keith has this to say…

…about Vince and Joey Styles,

from his Scott Keith’s blog:

Joey v. Vince

So as detailed in the latest Observer, the newest cavalcade of silliness in the WWE is that Vince feels Joey Styles isn’t doing a great job as a play-by-play guy, because he spends too much time calling the matches. This is really the kind of criticism you can’t make up if you tried. Anyway, apparently the WWE is a “movie” now, rather than the wrestling show I’ve always thought it to be. I figured something was up because Joey was obviously being fed stuff at NYR, making him sound like Michael Cole or any other robotic WWE announcer with no mind of their own.

I agree with Scott Keith, the thing about Joey Styles is that he can call matches, and isn’t that what a play-by-play person does? Vince just doesn’t seem to have it all there anymore…

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