After a whole week of doing pretty good with the blog, updating at least once (and on the tenth and twelth I posted 10 and 12 respectively) and one day (the 12th) I posted a blog record, before this it was 11 posts in one day. Yesterday I missed my moment to post because by the time I got back from my Mom’s bithday stuff the cable and internet was down.

Oh well, I’ll try even harder this coming week to bring you even more up-to-date rumors and news as well as progression on both Mr. Gato (Mathew) and little Buns of Fun (Peanut Chew) along with anything else that’s going on.

Now, I’m off to eat at my parent’s house with Melissa, we’re bringing Peanut with us again and we’re going to take more pictures of the two of them.


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