Go Drew!

Although I wasn’t there yesterday, it was my Mom’s 29th birthday…again…ECPW had their Year End Awards and Andrew Anderson took home both the Wrestler of the Year along with Most Hated Wrestler of the Year. That’s pretty tough being the best and most hated…

The results, from ECPW.com:

ECPW Year End Awards

Wrestler of the Year
Andrew Anderson

Tag Team of the Year
The Owens Brothers

Match of the Year
Johnny Thundar vs. Red Hot Russ (Iron Man Match – ECPW Supershow)

Feud of the Year
Crazy Ivan vs. Jay Santana

Event of the Year
Spring Slam 2005 (Edison, NJ)

Most Popular Wrestler of the Year
Mo Sexy

Most Hated Wrestler of the Year
Andrew Anderson

Inspirational Wrestler of the Year
Playboy Marcus Shields

Most Improved Wrestler of the Year

Junior Division Wrestler of the Year
Flash Jennings

Manager of the Year
Doug Devito

Rookie of the Year
Nick Napoleon

Fan of the Year
Little Jack Little
Mr Clean

Go to the site for more news and results: www.ecpw1.com


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