More Proposal and Birthday wishes

Here ya go:

Deanne (myspace):

OMG!!! you finally popped the question!!! im so happy for both of you!! Happy Birthday big Bro!!!! im so happy for you guys. i love you both and enjoy this glorious day!

love you…your lil sis 🙂

PS…thanks for the stewies haha

From her away message:

my big bro popped the question!! and its his 24th birthday!!! yay!!!

Greg (myspace):

Man, congrats!!!!!!!!! I think thats a really cute way to propose.. I’m so happy for you guys! Way to go Marcos!!!!

Morgan (AIM):

MugsyW43: stranger….
MugsyW43: WOW, congrats

Tara (Myspace…somehow):

Hey Marcos and Melissa!!

First Happy Belated Birthday. Second, but most importantly, congrats!! Pat told me the news this morning. You must be very excited and happy.

Hope everything else is well.



gutterflyg: i spoke with Evan and Pat this morning and wanted to wish you and melissa the best of everything

Jess Howell (AIM):

HEYITSJHO: congrats

Eliud–my cousin (myspace):

Happy b-day kid , and congrats u took the big step …..

When I get more, I’ll post them up, I’m leaving soon to go to my parents house, from there I’ll be going to eat dinner and cake and then I’m going to go to an ECPW tv taping to watch some matches (the midgets are going to be there!!!!)…thank you all for the congrats and the birthday wishes…


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