Proposal and Birthday wishes 3

Just got back from an ECPW taping and here are some more of the wishes that we received today:

Cruss (AIM):

CRuss1004: happy birthday bro. and CONGRATS!!! i wish you both the best in everything. mass love and respect. peace peace

Beth, Stacey, and Chris Gazarra (AIM):

Lillemmin0323: congrats!

FireBrightRose: congrates!!

filmfan76: 😎

Jen (AIM):

Nennie2002: Congratulations!! And happy birthday, too!


thepuddingsucks: marcos, wow!

thepuddingsucks: happy birthday and congratulations to you both!

Vault Keeper also called me and we had a conversation on the phone, I answered it with “Hey…” and I got a “Marcos, HOLY CRAP!” Which was such a great response. Thank you to all who did call (Evkoz, Hummerz, Deanne, and everyone else who did, thank you, I’m too tired right now…)

Amy (AIM):

DeepBlueSurf: OMG CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DeepBlueSurf: and believe it or not- i saw the subject”guess what!” and i automatically thought “i wonder if theyre engaged” i have noo idea why!
DeepBlueSurf: thats wonderful, congratulations!!!!!!! :0

Eluid (my cousin) (myspace):

Happy BIRTHDAY!!! and Congrats , im happy for u and melissa ….HTML Codes

Jamie (my cousin’s wife) (myspace):

Congratulations to both of u. i am soo happy to hear it..i guess marcos needed that practice in a tux first

Big Tim (graduated from high school) (myspace):

Happy Birthday and congrats on the engagement!

Amanda (myspace):

ok so im nosy…but i just wanted to say congradulations…that is awsome 🙂 and happy birthday…now at your wedding, watch for the mexicans popping up out of the ground 🙂

(haha! that last part is a story onto itself…)

Jill (myspace):

Hey Marcos,
Just wanted to say congradulations and I hope you have a great birthday this year you definately got a great present!!!!

Christy (blog):

Hi Marcos and Melissa –

Marcos happy birthday!

CONGRATULATIONS – to both you of you!! I can’t wait to hear all the details on Monday!!

Duh! I forgot to put my name…the Congrats message is from Christy :o)

Chris Gazarra (myspace):

You are the man–VERY happy for the both of you!

Margie (myspace):

wow your not a film major or anything getting the whole thing on video and pictures.

(note the sarcasm)

Nicole (myspace):

congratulations marcos! i am really excited and happy for you guys.

i wish you the best and send my love.

Thank you to everyone who has called, IMed, texted, messaged, commented, or what ever form of communication that you used to get in touch with me. Crazy day today, I loved my birthday. I knew that not only 24 was going to be a good but so was 2006. WHOO!!!

I’ll post some pics up tomorrow.



PS Dear God, please do not let this be a dream!

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