Royal Rumble

Bought it, saw it, it was good. Not as good as the 2004 Royal Rumble, but that one is a very difficult one to compete with. It was an amazing Rumble and PPV. But this one was strange, they had the Rumble in the middle of the show instead of ending with it. I would have posted some predictions but I ran out of time this weekend. I had a lot going for me remember?

I’ll run through the matches with what my predictions would have been and the winner:

Open Invitational Match for the Cruiserweight Championship:

I didn’t even know about this match, but if I were going to predict I would have pick Kid Kash.
Prediction: Kid Kash
Winner: Gregory Helms
This one was a shocker, because Gregory Helms (formerly The Hurricane) is a Raw guy and the Cruiserweight Championship is on Smackdown! but the match was open to all former and current Cruiserweight Champions.

Mickie James def. Ashley with Trish Stratus as special guest referee
Didn’t really care, but if I had to chose I would have predicted…
Prediction: Mickie James
Winner: Mickie James
Ashley still needs a lot of work before she should win any freaking matches. I see Mickie James and Trish going to Wrestlemania in a match.

The Boogeyman def. JBL
I figured this one would have been a little longer than it actually was, but I knew that they wouldn’t drop Boogeyman that quickly, I think he’s funny, but a waste of time.
Prediction: Boogeyman
Winner: Boogeyman
Waste of time on the Pay Pew View and waste of time on Smackdown! I think ultimately its going to be Boogeyman vs Undertaker at Summerslam (or hell, even before that)

World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle def. Mark Henry
If Mark Henry won, hell would have frozen over, its like if Big Boss Man or Hardcore Holly won when they went for their Heavyweight title matches.
Prediction: Kurt Angle
Winner: Kurt Angle
The ending was kind of cool with the Undertaker coming out and destroying the ring, so I guess that’s pretty much the reason why this match went last as opposed to the Royal Rumble match…

John Cena def. Edge (new WWE Champion)
I have been tired of John Cena for a bit now, and I was happy that Edge won the championship and I know that there was a lot of talk about not having him drop the title last night because the ratings have been going up since Edge won the championship so it was a toss up. I knew that the Wrestlemania main event is supposed to be Triple H vs Cena for the Championship so I figured it would be John Cena winning. But I also thought maybe they would make it a triple treat…but my prediction was:
Prediction: John Cena, new WWE Champ
Winner: John Cena (the now two time WWE Champion)
I hope that Edge keeps going after the belt because that would be ashame if that was all his title reign was.

The 2006 Royal Rumble Match

The rumble match, in my eyes, was a shoe-in for Randy Orton, since it was supposed to be Orton vs Batista for the World Title at Wrestlemania, but since Batista is out with an injury and Angle is now the champion, I figured things were still going as planned with Orton the heel and Angle (now) a face.
Prediction: Randy Orton
Winner: Rey Mysterio
Shocking…utterly shocking…I knew that he was dedicating this match to Eddie Guererro who passed away about two months ago at the age of 38. I miss seeing him on television and I think that by now he would have been well into his second title reign. But Rey winning is great. Its amazing. Finally seeing him for the star that he is. I just hope that what I’m hearing only, that Rey may lose the title shot to Randy Orton at the No Way Out Pay Per View in February. I think that would be horrible and terrible and if anything they should turn that match into a triple treat too (in fact both main titles should be triple treat matches!)

Great pick for the Rumble winner. The only other Royal Rumble that I ever saw was in 2001 and it was at my roommates house during winter break (and it was the other Rumble that Goldust redebuted at too–so I’ve seen him come out twice!) I give this PPV a B. Didn’t live up to the 2004 match, but it was still good. And the winner was a shock for me which is what I like.


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