No idea how to use Front Page

I’m trying to make my website: but everytime I try something it doesn’t work. Its as if the computer has it out for me. Very frustrating. Last night I spent a lot of time trying to just make the front page that you would open up too and to connect it to another page, but I’m just having a lot of hard work. Lol, maybe I should hire someone to do my site for me…

I just tried to do it again today, and its just as frustrating if not more now than before. I just want to be able to see something up on this page so that I can actually have something and possibly get some motivation to continue.

Just venting right now, very frustrated…


6 thoughts on “No idea how to use Front Page

  1. flammable says:

    Thinking, thinking…hmm. I could setup the software I’m using, but that might be kind of limited. What kind of site do you want to build?

    The software I use (it’s called WordPress) allows me to post an entry every day, but have static pages alongside those. It’s sort of like if your LiveJournal site were to grow arms…the main focus is the daily updates, but there are parts of the site that are for content on a separate page.

    Only problem is that although I could install and customize a template, I don’t have the skills to build one from scratch…we can make a template look very like it originally did, though.

    I don’t know Front Page at all, only helped people a couple of times at the lab (was just little stuff, too). I’ve used Dreamweaver (another program similar to Front Page), but didn’t really build much to show for it. If you’re interested in learning a program from scratch, I’d say Dreamweaver might serve you better…can recommend a good book, too.

    Just coming up with ideas, not sure which direction you’d like to go with this but I can help a little.

  2. socramforever says:

    thanks man, appreciate it…nothing seems to be working…I have ideas, but I can’t get them down. Its all good. I appreciate the help.

  3. socramforever says:

    yeah, no rush…I just don’t want the site to be a waste. At least I’m trying to get things on there. it could be worse, I didn’t have to try and just let it sit there.

  4. flammable says:

    Honestly, sometimes you gotta do that too…walk away from it, and come back when you’ve got a few ideas bouncing around.

  5. socramforever says:

    Yeah, I’m just letting stuff stew in my mind…I don’t have many ideas right now, but I’m going to get to it, maybe I should set a date for trying…

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