Nacho Libre

Oh man, this may be one of the funniest movies of the summer or quite possibly one of the worst movies ever, check it out:


Behold The Awesome Might of NACHO LIBRE: one sheet and The Trailer! Kneel Lowly Dogs!

Hey folks, Harry here… Many of you are addicted to pootykat fracking lame American Wrestling… but the FACTS are, that’s exactly what it is… pootykat fracking lame American Wrestling! Real men wear Mexican Masks and Wrestle for God! That’s right… Real Wrestling Heroes Pile Drive for the Lord! And there’s no more real a Mexican Wrestler than JACK BLACK as NACHO LIBRE! You know it, I know it… and God sure as blazes knows it! First… Behold the Masked Mexican Marvel!

Ok… go clean up, I know you messed yourselves. There’s no shame in having the guano scared out your body like burning groundhogs after a napalm raid. That’s just the natural reaction to seeing the man-god NACHO LIBRE!
Now that you’re empty and all cleaned up, we have another treat for you. That’s right… THE INTERNET EXCLUSIVE TRAILER! Because we really are in league with God… and moreso… with Mexican Wrestlers. In fact – Come Memorial Day Weekend… As part of AICN’s 10th Anniversary Dealio… We’ll be presenting with the Alamo Drafthouse an enormous event with regulation league Wrestling ring and real Mexican Masked wrestlers and some of the folks from this film… though… dare we hope, could we be worthy of… nay, I dare not utter it, but I do dare. I challenge the Gods to bring to Austin, NACHO LIBRE himself. Because on this Memorial Day in Austin… we’ll shake the ring pillars of God’s wrestling ring and unleash the awesome might of NACHO LIBRE upon my fair city of Austin. Oh yes, we will kick unholy donkey!!!




Now, here’s the trailer :

Ohh man! Tell me what you think?


PS I guess its fitting that Carlito is the avatar on this one huh?

12 thoughts on “Nacho Libre

  1. flammable says:

    Yeah, I don’t know what to say…looks interesting, I’ll say that. The fact that Jack Black is in it definitely helps the movie, any other actor and I would say it probably sucks.

  2. socramforever says:

    exactly! I think he brings out this movie more, if it was anyone else, it would no doubt bomb. I hope it is good.

    Oh man, you bombed me with a whole bunch of replies about a week or so ago and I never got around to it, I’m going to try and do them now…

  3. flammable says:

    oh yeah…have a TON of replies from ya sitting in my inbox. that was only one of like 100. 🙂

    things are alright, working very hard, finally got a day off…man, it’s just a lot.

    how ya doing?

  4. flammable says:

    A couple weeks ago, the bank teller deposited my paycheck into my dad’s bank account. When I came home, he told me to leave it alone for a couple days just to make sure it was really his account.

    So yesterday, I’ve got another paycheck and he tells me to remind the bank teller to put it in his account…he’s now claiming that he bribed them before. 😀

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