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I don’t usually post stuff from TNA wrestling, because I never get a chance to watch it. I feel that they are not up to the WWE standards and should take their time with the Pay Per Views, instead of one every month, they should save some money and do one every four months or three months or even give themselves some time and make it every other month with a nice pay off. I don’t even know most of the wrestlers unless I have heard of them before. I do know AJ Styles (and when I first heard of him I confused him with the voice of ECW and now the voice of Monday Night Raw Joey Styles) and he’s amazing but would know doubt be burried by the WWE. Sting made his return to TNA, I know who Jeff Jarrett is and I think he should just stop wrestling at the top and I am happy to say that one of the people I always enjoyed watching on WWE television, Christian, now going by his former Indy wrestling name Christian Cage, who jumped to TNA in October of last year (the first person to let their contract run out in WWE and go over to TNA–like when people did that during the WWF vs WCW days) has one the NWA-TNA World Heavyweight title. I was always a fan of his and I was hoping that they would give him the title sooner or later.


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