Yesterday, back and beyond (not to be mistaking for bed, bath and beyond)

Adam Chinoy and I had planned for a few days to meet on Monday Feb. 20th, the week before we had had a very productive phone conversation and we decided to meet up and talk shop for a bit. Adam had never seen my apartment and I felt that that was an important way to begin things all over again. Adam and I have a professional history together, we worked on my senior thesis film, Ethan Ross, and plan on working on film projects. I’ve just been out of the loop about things since starting my Masters in Education (which, if you didn’t know, I finished in Dec. of 05) and I’ve been looking to get back into the swing of things.

With the present Melissa gave me for Christmas of and the end of my Masters I was hoping to quickly get back into things. But I couldn’t I didn’t have enough, I felt drained, along with a small fear that maybe I had written my best on Ethan Ross, which scared me, because even though I think it was a good script and a good movie, I feel like I could definately make an even better script and an even better movie. I have a lot of ideas, but I just don’t feel like I have the time. I’ve had an accordion folder in my computer armour for about five months just waiting for me to separte all of my script and story ideas and put them into their individual places in folder so that I could bring them around with me and work on them either in between classes (while subbing) or at night at Warnock.

I’ve also been helping out with ECPW (East Coast Professional Wrestling) whenever I can, I helped produce some scenes at Christmas Chaos, I’ve helped to tape and photograph a few television tapings among other things (with the help of Joe Byrnes) and that has given me something that I was missing, but I just couldn’t get around to writing, I don’t know.

There has been a lot to write about, I mean I just finsihed my student teaching, but I don’t really talk that much about that, and it wasn’t the most exciting thing to write into a script, but some things might make it to a script. But who knows.

Then, Melissa and I got engaged and something inside of me was rejuvenated. Something inside of me wanted to write, maybe not about our engagement but using some of things that have happened (dialouges, moments, ideas that have come to me) during the last year and a half.

So I printed out the first 17 pages of a script I started writing Sept. 04 (that’s right the same month that I had started my Masters) and I took it to Warnock to read and fix and I decided on some things that needed to be done and Andrea (my co-worker and friend from the days of Warnock Chevy) asked what I was doing and I explained what it was and she wanted to look at it. She read it and complained that just when it was getting good I stopped writing. And I continued the next day during subbing, I worked on a different opening to the script and wrote it out by hand (everything I write is always better written by hand first and then typed second–that’s just the way I work best) and it felt good, it felt comfortable, it felt (like my father likes to say) exhilarating. It felt like I was at home writing, fixing that part of the script.

Then the next day I called Adam, who I hadn’t spoken to in a while simply because I felt bad that I hadn’t read the script that he had sent me (with the fixes that I had spoken to him about changing–which reminds me I have to print that out) and we spoke about not only his script but the fact that we want to work together again on projects. Though it may not be wise to even start any shooting on anything within the very near future (seeing that we do not have a final script nor any money to fund such a project) we do want to work on some scripts together.

We spoke for over an hour about an idea that I have had (which will remain as “Project ’07” until I move forward to name it–if I ever do) and we were on the same wave length, I would say something and he would say something and we got ourselves into a position that I was going to write out a timeline, type it up and send it to him and we could talk afterwards. We even went as far as to set a tentative date for a first draft for this script, April 22nd, 2006 (yes that’s right, two month and a day from today). I hung up the phone with him and felt the most excited I have been with a project in a long time.

I went ahead and pulled out my accordion folder (I’ve written that twice and for some reason I don’t think I spelled it right) and proceeded to separate all of my ideas into their now respective sections and placed them into my bag (which I take everywhere from Subbing to Warnock) so that whenever I want to write all I need to do is take it out and write.

The next day I started writing while I was at work (subbing) and at Warnock and I am almost done with the timeline.

Yesterday, like I said earlier, I met with Adam and we talked shop about some things and then we met up with Joe Byrnes and talked with him about some projects (that I really can’t mention) and it looks as if we’ll be working together somehow on somethings.

When Adam and I get together for a project, anything can happen I guess.

Also, if you didn’t know, Melissa and I booked a date for wedding, Oct. 13th 2007, Pt. Pleasant at the Crystal Point, which you can visit by going to their website ( and I am so excited about this. We had a food tasting on Sunday and it was amazing. Evkoz is completely pumped for the food, he told me.

Yesterday, Melissa found out from her co-worker Jen that there was a Bridal Show at Rockaway Mall (which is like five minutes away from the apartment) and she wanted to go. At first I didn’t feel like going (I would be missing House which was on a special night for whatever reason) but I felt bad and I need to be apart of this and I told her I would go, no complaint from me (we taped House and let me tell you that it was a great show–I am also happy to say that the biggest skeptic, Evkoz, is now hooked on the show and he will be borrowing the House season one dvd–its that damn good) my mother and father also ventured up rt 10 and went to the show too. It was really nice, there were a lot of venders and free give aways (I don’t know if we won anything yet or not–but I did want the free honeymoon, that would have been nice).

They had a fashion show and some djs that got me to go into the crowd and do a moon walk…yes, you read that right, I was asked to go and do a moon walk. I feel my face turning a reddish color even as I type this. But it was fun.

Do I plan on going to many Bridal Shows? No, but I will venture to which ever are in the area that Melissa would like me to go with her, it almost felt as if we were at the Teacher’s convention, people giving away many free things and it was nice. It was small, but for being the first one that we went to, it was pretty good.

I feel that things are getting very exciting, personally and professionally and I can only see things getting better.

We should be painting really soon, I want to paint the livingroom and the bedroom and I should be writing by the end of this week.

Everything is looking really good.


2 thoughts on “Yesterday, back and beyond (not to be mistaking for bed, bath and beyond)

  1. anonymous says:

    Excellent blog!!! You haven’t written this much in a while. A+ for effort and content. Must be the teacher in me! ~Evkoz

  2. socramforever says:

    Thank you, I felt the need to have something big, I haven’t been putting too much into the blog, just this and just that, and a lot of the CMWF stuff with the title changing hands, but other than that, its been kind of skinny recently. And like my writing scripts and stuff its about time.

    PS Maybe when (or if) the CMWF title comes back up here you might win it or something.

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