Sunday Night PAW results 2/26/06

The Results from last night:

Matty H’s music hit and the legend walks down to the ring with a mic in paw. He gets into the ring to a chorus of boos. There are signs in the crowd that say: “Don’t do it Matty!” “We love Peanut” “Old Man Matty!” and many other things.

Matty H. says that he isn’t going to take too long but he just wanted to say that the reason why he didn’t let Peanut Chew win the title last night was because he didn’t want that little dust ball…or rather dust bunny to get the title before he got a chance to win the title. So with that in mind tonight, hanging above the ring will be a contract that states if Matty H. wins the match by climbing the ladder and pulling it off from the rope he will be the #1 contender for the World Heavyweight championship and Peanut Chew will never get a title shot as long as its in South Jersey. But if Peanut Chew wins, he will get a title shot again, and Matty H will never get a shot as long as its in South Jersey. Matty H. throws the mic down and walks to the back.

Match #1
Debut Match
Erika vs Dale
They fight back and forth with many near falls. Then suddenly Shaq comes down and knocks out both of them. The ref calls for the bell.
Winners: No Contest
Shaq proceeds to beat on the two little fish and tells them that they are entering his domain and to watch out.

Match #2
Hardcore World Championship Match
Bae vs Pierre (c)
Bae comes down with a bunch of weapons and is primed and set to regain the title that she lost. Pierre is wheeled out in his cage, he looks a little sick, he isn’t his chirpy self. Pierre speaks to the ref and says that he isn’t feeling all that well today and that their match is going to have to take place some other time.

Bae is livid about this and proceeds to bark up a storm in anger and argue with the ref who goes to explain to the ring announcer what is going on.

As Bae is looking on to what is going on with the ref and and the ring announcer, Pierre runs in and rolls Bae up for the pin. The ref rings the bell and jumps into the ring and get a two count.

Bae jumps up, teeth out and growling at the little sneaky bird.

“Lets talk about this!” Pierre says as he lifts his wings up trying to stop the onslaught of furry from the white dog. Bae gets close enough and Pierre gives Bae and feather to the eye and she goes back whimpering.

Pierre taunts Bae and gets too close and doesn’t realize that Bae has a trash can lid in her mouth and she smacks Pierre like a birdie in badmitten (sp) over to the other side of the ring. Bae walks over and Pierre throws bird seed into the poor dogs eyes and she can’t see and Pierre gives her the F factor and pins her.

Winner and still World Champion: Pierre

“I rule! You can all hate me, but I rule!” Pierre says as he is wheeled back to Melissa’s room still holding the title.

Match #3
TLC Match
*Stipulation, a contract is being held over the ring, with the winner becoming the #1 contendership for the World Championship

The music of The Legend Matty H. hits once again as he makes his way down to the ring, and he quickly gets to work setting up a ladder right under the contract that is being held up by a rope. Peanut Chew’s music hits and he hops all the way to the ring as fast as his paws can take him. He jumps into the ring and right up the ladder where Matty is and we are set to go!

Peanut Chew drop kicks Matty at the top and the both of them fall to the ring at the very beginning and they are both down. Peanut is first to his feet and he hops out of the ring and goes under the ring to get a chair. Matty rolls out of the ring following Peanut and Peanut swings the chair and Matty ducks it and then unleashed some chops and right hands to the little Nut. Peanut comes back with an elbow to the back of the head and then rabbit stomps on Matty. Peanut tosses his Uncle into the steal steps and climbs into the ring and puts the ladder back up. Matty chases after Peanut and Matty hisses Peanut into a corner. Matty takes the ladder and rams it into the head of the Nut. Matty then sandwiches Peanut in between the ladder and then grabs a chair, and nails the ladder with it, with Peanut in between!

Matty then puts the ladder back up and climbs the ladder and Peanut, who is groggy tries to get up and walks into the ladder sending the veteran over the top rope onto the outside of the ring with a loud thump and meow!

Peanut somehow manages to make it to the outside and sets up a table. Matty fights back and sends the little nut to the floor. Matty picks up a chair and yells at the crowd only to walk into a drop kick to the face from Peanut. Peanut puts his uncle on the table that he set up. Matty is out and is just laying there. Peanut then picks up the ladder that is in the ring and sets it up under the contract and then looks at his uncle lying on the table and pulls the ladder over to the corner ofthe ring and proceeds to climb the ladder. Peanut is at the top of the ladder and he dives off and just as he is about to go through Matty and the table, Matty moves and Peanut goes through the table. Holy shit!! Both animals are down on the outside as we go to commercial.

Back on PAW and we are back in the ring, and somehow Peanut is in control. Peanut gives Matty another drop kick and Matty goes down. Peanut grabs a chair and brings it over to Matty and Matty low blows Peanut and takes the chair away from the little rabbit. Matty has the chair over his head and Peanut in a last ditch effort hops over to Matty’s tail and bites it. Matty lets out a loud howl of a meow. Peanut grabs the ladder and Matty turns around angry with the chair still in his paws and Peanut hits Matty with it and sends the kitty over the top rope and onto the floor.

Peanut then places the ladder down and proceeds to hop up the ladder. Matty tries to get into the ring when Peanut grabs the contract and wins the match.

Winner and #1 Contender: Peanut Chew

Matty H. is furious and vows that some form of revenge will take place!

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