I was wrong when I said yesterday that Triple H has never won a title at Wrestlemania. I actually woke up this morning thinking about that and I realized how freaking wrong I was. Wrestlemania X8 (or 18 if you don’t have a clue what the X8 stands for) he won the Undisputed Championship which was comprised of the WWF and WCW titles which Chris Jericho will be forever known as the first Undisputed Champion and no one else will ever be known for, it quickly ended in August of the same year (2002) when Brock Lesnar won it from The Rock and went off to Smackdown making Eric Bishoff bring back the WCW World Heavyweight title (now called the World Heavyweight Title) and make it the official Raw title and making the Undisputed title the WWE title.

But it still doesn’t change my prediction.

WWE Championship
Triple H. vs John Cena

Prediction: Winner and New WWE champion: Triple H

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