Peanut Chew the Easter Bunny

On Sunday, Melissa and I took Peanut Chew to the Pet Goods store that we bought him from to get Easter pictures of him. It was for a good cause, it was a fund raiser for the group: Operation: Sanctuary. The pictures came out great and we signed off on them using it on-line. I just didn’t think that we would actually see our Nut on line.

Check it out:

Here is the website:

And here is the nut:

And, if for whatever reason they take his picture off line, her is a screen shot of what I saw on my screen:

That’s my little son!



Pictures below added on 2/15/2015 (realized these were on Image Shack and I don’t trust them):

operationsancutarycopy1bs peanutcheweasterpic5dl

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