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Though I think its a little late to try and cash in on the Stone Cold Steve Austin money train, seeing that he hasn’t wrestled a real match since Wrestlemania 19 and that was three years ago, let alone the fact that its been six years since he was a real money maker, but I’m up for whatever the WWE does with this guy. Here is some info on his new movie role.

I actually didn’t pick this picture of him, it came along with the article From

Steve Austin Has Been “Condemned”
Posted: Thursday April 20th, 2006 10:53pm
Source: Variety
Author: Garth Franklin

World Wrestling Entertainment has made a deal with Lionsgate to distribute drama “The Condemned,” to star Stone Cold Steve Austin (“The Longest Yard”) and Vinnie Jones (“X-Men: The Last Stand”), with Scott Wiper directing reports Variety.

Austin will play a man on death row in a corrupt Central American prison. He’s “purchased” by a wealthy TV producer, who pits him and nine other condemned men in a battle to the death. Wiper rewrote a script by Rob and Andrew Hedden.

This is the third picture project for WWE, the first two – “See No Evil” with Kane and “The Marine” with John Cena, open May 19th and September 8th respectively. “The Condemned,” which begins shooting May 15 in Australia, marks the third film to be shot at Warner Roadshow Studios in Australia.

6 thoughts on “Steve Austin movie news

  1. socramforever says:

    they aren’t! he is no longer under WWE contract and hasn’t made an appreance since 2004. He now owns the rights to the name The Rock. What they don’t understand is that they were huge when they were wrestling (and i also blame the loss of the Rock on one of the many reasons why WWE isn’t as good as it once was)now that they don’t wrestle, they don’t have that outlet any more and quite frankly no one cares.

  2. socramforever says:

    The Undertaker and Triple H are the only ones from like the big four from a few years ago which included The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Mankind (or rather Mick Foley) and Kane just aren’t lighting the world on fire. Things are picking up. They are making new stars, its just that they don’t have any real competition right now for things to really heat up.

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