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Here is a project that Will Smith was going to do a long time ago but it fell through and now he has re-attached himself to it. When it was originally said that he was going to take it I didn’t see him as the one to take it. Now I think its the perfect movie for him.

From Darkhorizons.com:

Will Smith Is A Real “Legend”
Posted: Wednesday April 26th, 2006 3:31pm
Source: Ananova
Author: Garth Franklin

Will Smith will star in the long gestating Warner Bros. sci-fi thriller “I Am Legend”, and its expected to be his follow-up project once he wraps work on Sony’s “Tonight, He Comes” superhero flick reports Ananova.

Based on the classic by Richard Matheson, and a post-apocalyptic New York. “I Am Legend” is about the last healthy man following the release of a virus that decimates the population. To survive, he must battle mutants that wreak havoc during the night.

Akiva Goldsman (“A Beautiful Mind”, “The Da Vinci Code”) is penning the adaptation which will be directed by Francis Lawrence (“Constantine”). Shooting is scheduled to begin in New York early next year.

‘Legend’ was originally to be made back in 1997 with Ridley Scott directing Arnold Schwarzenegger, but fell through due to budgetary reasons. Smith and director Michael Bay were attached in 2002 but it also didn’t make any progress.

With Arnold Schwarzenegger originally in the remake to this with Ridley Scott directing, I could not see anything wrong coming out of this film but when that tanked, and it took like two weeks before the deal was gone, literally, it was huge news on a monday back in 97 and then two weeks later it was called off completely.

Then when word came around that Will Smith and Michael Bay were going to do this I was excited about Michael Bay but not Will Smith, now I think Will Smith is a definate plus in this and they can’t go wrong about it. They just need to pick a good director for a massive project as this. Seeing that Bay is doing Transformers and has stated many times that he doesn’t want to keep doing big budget movies, I can’t see him doing a movie like this. How about Bryan Singer or Sam Rami or Brett Ratner. All great movie directors that could easily do this film.


2 thoughts on “Will Smith’s next

  1. flammable says:

    Definitely sounds like a Will Smith film, but doesn’t sound like anything special (unfortunately). Probably why they had Arnie doing it before.

  2. socramforever says:

    Not as cool as it once sounded, but I put it up here because I remember when all the shit hit the fan about it. But it seems more like a Will Smith movie now than before. Maybe they should get the guy that directed I, Robot to do it.

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