Sunday Night PAW results for 4/23/06

Yeah, last weeks:

Pierre has been given the chance for one final match for the World Championship belt tonight, if he does not succeed he will never get another chance again.

Match #1
Peanut Chew VS Bandit VS Gimli the Goat

Double back kick to both Peanut and Bandit results in a double pin.

WINNER: Gimli the Goat

Match #2
Shaq vs George

Winner: Shaq

Luna comes out and barks at everyone.

Luna tells everyone that she is happy to be here today and that now that she’s in the CMWF she’ll like to challenge Bae the current World Heavyweight Champion.

Matty H. makes his way down to the ring, the first time since his loss to Peanut Chew on the double cage and he tells her that before she can do that, she has to pass some tests. Luna says, no problem, she can pass anything. Matty tells her that her first test is him, and he hits her and hisses in her face.

Next week: Matty H. VS Luna

Match #3
Final Championship Match for Pierre
Pierre VS Bae (C)

Pierre bites ahold of Bae’s tail and does not let go, Bae whines and goes over to a corner to collect herself and Pierre chases after her. Bae, angry that the little bird would dare bite her growls and starts to pounce on her when Pierre tosses a handful of feathers into her eyes. She falls to the mat and Pierre rolls her up.


Pierre grabs the belt and laughs as he jumps back into his cage and waves bye to Bae. Bae, showing all of her teeth, is growling at the loss and looks at Pierre. This isn’t over yet.

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