December 22, 2004 pics of Mathew

These are some all time great pics of Mathew in this bunch.

Melissa took this of me, I had fallen asleep and Mathew jumped up and fell asleep next to me and she saw this and took this picture and pretty much the rest that are on here. When she got her job at Honeywell she took this pic of me and Mathew to work with her. One day during the summer she decided to bring back a bunch of stuff and I kept this picture on my lap top, I see it write now as I type this. Its one of my favorite pics of Mathew and me along with a bunch that are below too:

I’m going to continue to post pics of him for the rest of the week until I’m done with all the pictures I have here. I think I have a bunch more videos from 2004 that I’m going to look through over the weekend and as soon as I see what I have I’ll post those too.


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