Was a great day actually.

My parents came up to the apartment and took Melissa and I out to breakfast. We spoke about wedding stuff (its almost a year away–Oct. 13, 2007) and we booked the String Quartet for the ceremony. Very exciting stuff.

We then went over to my parents house for dinner. It was the first time I’ve been there since Sunday (Mathew passed away on Monday) and it was fine. I still miss him. I was still looking for him, like I would if Peanut was over my parents house and not in the apartment, I even closed the screen door so that he wouldn’t run out. But old habbits die hard and it was healing being there.

I miss my cat and I’m sure he misses me but I think being at the house was really good for me.

Thank you to my parents and Melissa. We bought a Smores kit and made Smores on top of our stove because we didn’t have a camp fire (haha!). And Peanut has been really sweet. I love my little rabbit. But I do have a story about Peanut and a Pug from Friday to tell you all about and that’ll be posted a little later.

Take care for now.


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