Disney to make new Broadway Musical…

…Nemo…no lie!

from IMDB.com:

Disney Finds Musical for ‘Nemo’

The Walt Disney Co. has announced plans to turn another one of its animated film hits into a Broadway musical. Finding Nemo, the 2003 feature produced by Pixar Animation, now a unit of the entertainment company, will become the latest candidate for stage transformation, the company said Wednesday. At least initially, the theatrical production will be presented as a “short-form” (30 minutes) musical at the Walt Disney World theme park in Orlando. The main characters will appear as puppets — created by Michael Curry, who co-created the puppets for the stage version of Disney’s The Lion King. Preview performances are scheduled to begin next month, while the official premiere is due to take place some time in January.

Wow…and I thought that The Lion King would be tough to adapt….


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