Superman sequel no in fast track

Ok, I’ll see it, just make sure that there is a lot of freaking action in an action movie based on a comic you bastards!

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The “Superman” Sequel Moving Forward
Posted: Thursday October 26th 2006 12:38am
Source: IESB
Author: Garth Franklin

Warner Bros. has kept “Superman Returns” playing long enough that this past weekend it finally cracked the $200 million mark domestically and so the studio will move forward with a sequel.

The IESB has learned that Bryan Singer has finalized a deal to move forward with the sequel this past weekend and the studio is planning to start production sometime as early as next September with much of the same team behind “Returns”. This would indicate shooting would probably begin early 2008 for a Summer 2009 release.

In a very smart move as well, the two big criticisms thrown against the film are being directly addressed – the budget and the lack of action & fun in the film. The action quotient will be strongly ramped up and a non-Lex DC villain looks like it will be the main villain of the piece.

In regards to the cost, ‘Returns’ had an official budget around $204-208 million, plus tens of millions in development costs over the years. No development costs this time around, and the production budget will be set at a perfectly sound $140-175 million.

I don’t mind Lex Luthor as a villian just make what he does smart, like make sure it makes freaking sense to everyone that isn’t in his mind because I still don’t understand what he was trying to accomplish in Superman Returns.


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