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I’m so mad right now, I went onto Peanut’s myspace page (yes, shockingly I have to check it myself every now and then just to make sure that he isn’t talking to any on line preditors đŸ˜› ) and I accepted one person and commented on another and when I went to check the main page something messed it up the profile and I haven’t been able to get it back to where it was before.

I’m pretty upset about it because I don’t know why it happened. I mean, I don’ mind changing the whole thing again, the Sexyback song is still on there, but it just sucks that the whole thing got whiped out (except for the pictures…thank god) I hope its not like a virus on his page.

I got in and took off the person I accepted and the person I commented on in case they were the problems. I deleted all the stuff that was messing up the page and I’ll let him update it throughout the week. Poor poor bunny, he was so upset earlier…all he wanted to do was go on line and talk to his friends….


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