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Yes, its true. I got tired of the star system a long while back and last summer I toyed with the idea of changing the rating system. I even mentioned it to The Vault Master. But now, I’m making it official and its going to be all thumbs…

I just got tired of giving things stars but I don’t think that those who read the reviews or even the quick reviews like the ones I did the other week understand whether or not they should even bother with it. I’m putting in place two separate ratings that will act as one.

So here goes:

Ok, so I’m throwing away all of the numbers and stars and whenever I write a review, I’ll re-post this exactly as I have it hear to give all of you an idea of what I mean, so here it is:

Three Thumbs Up: So amazing I sprouted another hand!
Two Thumbs Up: Great!!!
Thumb Up: Good
Thumb in the middle: Ok
Thumb Down: Bad
Two Thumbs Down: Horrible
Three Thumbs Down: Clawing my eyes out would have been better and more enjoyable.

Like for example, seeing that Pirates of the Carribean: The Curse of the Black Pearl is my favorite movie, it is obviously in the Three Thumbs Up range. Not many movies will be in this level. But, is it worth it for you to go out there and buy? Here is the next phase of the new rating system to help you all out with my ratings:

DVD Purchase Worthy=Even better!!!!
Rent or On Demand Worthy=Good but not that good
Wait till on cable=not worth the money
Just don’t waste your time=don’t even bother

I hope those make sense, because here comes a huge list of movies that I’ve seen recently:

X-men: The Last Stand=Thumb down & wait till on cable
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang= Two Thumbs Up & DVD Purchase Worthy
Employee of the Month= Two Thumbs Down & Just don’t waste your time
Match Point= Two Thumbs Up & Wait till on Cable

Notice this, even though I enjoy the movie I don’t always want to buy the movie, nor do I recommend renting it or purchasing it on ON Demand, some of the great ones would be worth just watching it on HBO or another cable channel.

Just Friends= Thumb up & Wait til on cable
The Ice Harvest= Thumb in middle & just don’t waste your time
Derailed= Thumb in middle & just don’t waste your time

Here are two that I did last week:

Hard Candy= Thumb up & wait till on cable
Spun= Two Thumbs up & DVD Purchase Worthy

Here are three from this past summer:

Mission: Impossible III= Two Thumbs up & DVD Purchase Worthy (and guess what I got it today!!!!)
Superman Returns= Thumb in the Middle & Rent or ON Demand Worthy
Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man’s Chest= Two Thumbs up & DVD Purchase Worthy (Dec. 5th baby WHOO!!)

As a whole, Pirates of the Carribean so far have Three Thumbs Up for a trilogy so far. Just letting you know that.

I hope that this list helps out a lot more than the stupid star ratings, tell me if it confuses anyone or if it actually makes more sense and helps out more.

Again these are my opinions and you may not like anything that I like so that is my disclaimer.


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