First Trick-Or-Treaters of 2006!!!!!

Last year I ran out of candy before Melissa even made it home, forced to give the kids 100 calorie packs and things, she ended up going out and getting candy before she got home from work. This year we went to Costco and bought a huge bag of candy and we just got our first Trick-Or-Treaters.

Kind of a really slow start, we’re hoping to get rid of all the candy, if not, its not staying here…anyone want any candy?

8 thoughts on “First Trick-Or-Treaters of 2006!!!!!

  1. socramforever says:

    The last person that came was around 10:00 pm, it was a 16 year old guy dressed as a girl. I looked around and I looked at him and I said “You’re the last one” He was like “really?” I dumped out the bowl into his bag and he was very happy.

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