Praxis Passed and Presents

I meant to post this earlier today, I was just caught up with a bunch of different things…on Nov. 18th I took my second Praxis, this time for Middle School English (see post from Nov. 17th: and I just got word today that I passed it!

Let me tell you that there is a weight lifted off of my shoulders because of this. I’m so happy that I passed it. I was worried…its a great Christmas present…

…speaking of presents, Melissa and I exchanged gifts today (because she went home and will be spending Christmas with her family and I will be with mine (and the Nut). I got a bunch of great gifts, but I’ll share them all with you later (not literally you bastards! I mean I’ll tell you about them later!) I’m off to write while my Turbo Hot coffee from Dunkin Donuts stares at me from a distance…


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