Director’s Commentary

Or rather, Co-Director’s Commentary.

The last four days we a whirlwind that came and went in almost a blink of an eye. This wasn’t a small little student film shot outside in the middle of January or in the middle of the summer but a full on short film production with dozens of professionals and friends, all doing favors for what they believe is a good film.

I want to say that I have a lot to write about, and I do! But nothing can really explain how great a feeling it is to have six months worth of work finished in three days, to see 18 different characters that were weeks ago simply names on paper get taken by their significant actor and be brought to life.

Its a great feeling. I am both happy and sad that it is over. The feeling at the end of the day yesterday was that of leaving college as slowly people started leaving until it was just a few left to pick up the store.

Looking towards the future, I can’t wait to see how Adam edits it, tweaking a film so close to the end is always fun just working the bugs out of certain things. Just because filming is over does not mean the fun is over.

So far the best experience that I’ve had with film (my one of two experiences) and I extremely enjoyed it and I hope to have more experiences in the future with it…very soon.

–Marcos Cosme

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