Yeah, so I lied…

…didn’t post anything yesterday, nor am I posting any real articles or things today. Maybe tomorrow.

Tonight we went with my parents to a place in Whippany called Molly’s on Rt. 10, very nice Irish bar/restaurant. Great fish and chips. We went to Blockbuster and we are going to watch Children of Men.

Tomorrow, we’re going with my parents to the Newark Museum to see an exhibit on Puerto Rican artists from a certain era as well as using free tickets to see a planetarium show. At night we’re going to go with Ed and his girl April to hibachi. Fun, fun, fun!

Oh yeah, today is six months from the wedding! Ohh yeah! Tuesday will be Melissa and my 6 year anniversary. We’re going to The Melting Pot (a fondue place) in Parsipanny to celebrate.

I guess I did post something after all huh? So the title of this post was true, I did lie, I did post something good. Its always good to update stuff.


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